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Know Before You Go

More than 20 million vehicles cross the border between Canada and the United States each year. As such it is important to know the rules and regulations for Border Crossing and Immigration. There are several free publications that provide “Know Before You Go” information and border travel tips.

Traveling Tips

Whether you are traveling by motor vehicle between the United States and Canada or traveling by boat in or around the Thousand Islands/St. Lawrance River region it is important to understand what requirements there are for both yourself and your passengers.

Some travel tips suggested for motorists crossing the border

  • You must have a passport for proof of citizenship as well as parents’ letters for children traveling with friends
  • Keep items & receipts ready for inspection
  • Be flexible as regulations governing travel are subject to adjustment

Traveling tip if traveling by boat

  • Remember to call ahead to Canada/US Customs office to learn if your port is accessible
  • Know your reporting requirements

Important Phone Numbers